About Me



Hello, and welcome to my soccer journey! I'm Jackson Latta, a passionate and dedicated soccer goalkeeper with a desire to stop every shot that comes my way. Let me share a bit about myself and my love for the beautiful game.



Birthdate - 5-2-2011 (12)
Height - 5'6"
Wignspan - 5'6"
Weight - 110
Grade - 7th (Sept 2023)


My Journey

The Beginning

I began playing soccer at the age of 5 with LYSL (Liverpool Youth Soccer League - lysl.net). I quickly progressed out of this introductory league and onto my first club team called Syracuse Fusion at the age of 7. Here I continued to get exposure to the game. Like any good youth league you would begin by playing every position. Syracuse Fusion would end up merging with Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) in July of 2018 and this is where I play to this day.

I continued to learn all the positions with SDA from From July of 2018 up to July 25th of 2021 - U7 to U10. Then during the U10 - 2021 Cobra Tourment in Greece NY, I was placed in net. I ended up making my first penalty kick save late in the game. I was 10 years old and lept to my upper right to make the save with no training. I came off the field after that game and told my Dad "I told you so!" I wanted to be a goalie and loved playing the position. I had such a good game that I ended up playing in goal the entire Tournament.

I knew that being a goalkeeper was my true calling. I continue to hold the starting goalie position with the SDA 2011-NAL team since that day, and I've never looked back. I tryed out for ODP NYSW in September and made their player pool. I will be practicing with NYSW ODP beginning in December 2023. I will be looking to make their indoor and outdoor rosters in order to progress to the East Regional pool. I also made the Liverpool High School (AAA) 7/8 grade modified team. I will also begin playing in the newly formed National Academy League with my teamates at SDA beginning September of 2023. We will be playing in the New England Conference. Look out world. I am climbing the ladder and coming for you!


Career Highlights

I've had the privilege of starting in goal for the 2011 SDA team since 2021. Our team travels to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, and throughout New York State to play against youth clubs. At the U12 level a lot of these clubs are looking to fill out their MLS Next academy talent. These clubs have the ability to field multiple teams through every age group. In Syracuse our smaller population is successfully competing and beating these North East clubs at tournaments such as PDA Spring Kickoff and the annual Patomac tournament in Patomac MD. Like prize fighters, we move up through the ranks in the North East. Our club is playing in the National Academy League's New England Conference. Here I will play against this level of talent more routinely. I will have the opportunity to continue to measure my growth against the larger population centers. It is a testament to the SDA style of play and development.

Some of my best highlights come from these tournaments. most recently we came in 2nd place to SUSA at the 2023 PDA Spring Kickoff (2nd tier). In the round robin I produced the lowest goals against among all 6 teams in this tier. Results

You can see highlights of me competing here here.


My Style of Play


Fearless Shot-Stopper

As a goalkeeper, I pride myself on being a fearless shot-stopper. I thrive under pressure and never shy away from diving, leaping, or stretching to make that crucial save. If you watched my highlights you will see the toughness I bring to the goalkeeper position. My reflex time is outstanding for my age and I will attemp to catch the ball in a dive instead of just batting it away where possible. You can see examples within the videos on my site!


Commanding the Box

Organizing the defense and commanding the penalty area are second nature to me. I communicate effectively with my teammates to ensure a solid defensive line and shape throughout play.



My distribution skills are an aspect of my game I continually refine. Whether it's a pinpoint goal kick or a precise throw to launch a counter-attack, I'm always looking to contribute to my team's success. We goalies restart the offensive attack and pace of play!

Look at some of these great throws to kick off the offensive attack



My Goals


Continued Improvement

My journey as a goalkeeper is far from over. I am dedicated to honing my skills, learning from every match, and pushing my limits to become the best goalkeeper I can be. I dedicate time to take 1 on 1 lessons with my goalie coach Andrew Coughlin outside3 club team practices. SDA also offers goalie specific training every Friday night through the winter with Coach Stanbro. I am getting the highest quality training in the Syracuse, NY area.


Inspiring Others

Beyond my personal aspirations, I look inspire the next generation of goalkeepers. I want to share my knowledge, experiences, and pathway to help others achieve their soccer dreams. It takes a lot of personal dedication along with a lot of family and team support at a young age. There is work and dedication by many!


Get in Touch


I'd love to connect with fellow soccer enthusiasts, fans, and potential teammates, and college coaches. Feel free to reach out to me on the social media links at the bottom of my home page or contact me directly via e-mail. Let's talk soccer! Thank you for visiting my page, and I look forward to sharing more of my soccer journey with you!